Pasadita at Twilight

Still working on this, learning to wait for the light to get just right. As a portrait photographer I'm really just using these as practice for when I'm able to get a subject into the mix and use the fading light and the city as a backdrop. Bands? Let's do some press photos. 

Night Photos in Chicago

This is something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while. Tonight I went out at dusk (maybe 20 minutes before sunset) and tried to capture some of the buildings around the Polish Triangle with the mix of light that's in the city. I was trying to play with mixing three different light temperatures in the "wild." No gels used or lights at all. Just a tripod. This is the closest I get to landscapes. 

(click on the images to view larger) 

Russell and Amanda

Well, it only took a few months of rescheduling but it seems that we got it right tonight. More of this to come but it's especially gratifying to envision and image and feel like you were able to capture it

Labor Day 2011

Lindsay and I continue with the parties and the invites. Two different people asked me this time, “Where’d you get that template?" I guess my Photoshop skills have reached “template" level.

As You Like It

I shot production photos for Two Pence Shakespheare’s new production of As You Like It. They are working in a small space located inside the Main Street Metra depot building in Evanston, but they have managed to do really interesting things with such limited real estate. If you’re in Chicago go see it.

Portraits with Emily

I had the opportunity to shoot with Emily last night, a violin teacher and performer who is putting together a website and needed some “musician headshots" as I clunkly term them. Not quite band photos - although a few could definitely be used for posters, I’d say. We had perfect weather - which is rare in Chicago lately - and were able to get some nice stuff. Thanks to Kris and Joe for the use of their roof. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve shot up there and it certainly won’t be the last.

Live Photobooth Promo

I finally got around to making a promo video for my Live Photobooth events. Thanks to my friend Kris Swanberg of Nice Cream for shooting all the video. It was an interesting experience to edit video of myself working. I think this does a pretty good job at explaining what it’s like to have me set this up and shoot at your event.