Ben Chandler

I am a Chicago-based photographer, editor and film maker specializing in work with local artists and musicians. I create music videos and documentaries, document performances and events, and take portraits for both promotional material and personal purposes. I find it most interesting to work and collaborate with those that have a passion for what they are creating.

I have worked to create short films, music videos, DVDs, web clips and promotional materials for artists and businesses such as Touch and Go Records, The Hideout, Victory Gardens, The University of Chicago, as well as for numerous musicians and theater companies. I am also the producer of The Interview Show – a monthly talk show at the The Hideout – and was assistant producer for a feature length documentary biography of architect and city planner Daniel Burnham.

Feel free to contact me to discuss rates, availability, or for more information. Phone and email are best but I'll accept messages via morse code, smoke signals, semaphore or carrier pigeon as well.